First of all, please note that the Husprey team is committed to help you quickly install and starting with your own instance of Husprey.

Don't hesitate to contact us either through the Intercom chat or by email

Get your API keys

Your Husprey advisor should have shared with you some specific variables to start the installation of Husprey.

If this is not yet the case, we would be happy to share them with you so you can start right away.

Install your instance

Indeed, Husprey is built to be available with Docker and Docker Compose.

Different images are needed corresponding to each capabilities (backend, frontend, queries, ...) along with postgres and nginx images.

Husprey's setup script manages everything for you for your initial setup.

WARNING if you had installed an instance in the past, please prune it. Explanations here.

Launch this one-line command, replacing missing vars, to install Husprey:


Husprey should now be running on http://localhost:8020.

💡 TIP: You can change the port running Husprey by adding an new PORT environment var before launch your the command line: PORT=<--YOUR NEW PORT-->

Access your instance

Husprey is built with collaboration in mind and therefore needs to be accessible with an url.

Please serve your running instance over a secured (https) url:

Example: or

This often means setting up a reverse proxy on your machine. You can find here examples of how to do it with Nginx or Apache2.

Visit your url. You should see a login screen!


If you see an error screen, your url needs to be added in our authentication 3rd party Auth0 (
This only ensures some specific urls can access this authentication app.

Please share the url you use so we can set it up for you quickly.

You're done and should be ready to go. Congrats! 🎉

Connect your first data source

Create your first notebook and click on "Connect my data source". Enter the credentials and you should be good to go.

Left panel - Click on Connect my data and chose the Data Source needed

⚠️ Make sure the Husprey instance and your data source are accessible on the same network.

Invite your first teammates

You can invite your teammates by clicking on "Invite new users" in the Husprey's home screen (bottom left part) and entering their email.

Only Admins can invite new users.

Botton left corner - Click on Invite new users

💡 TIP: It's possible to allow anyone in your team to signup to Husprey as soon as their email is issued from the same domain. You can activate this setting when sharing your first invitations or from the Settings menu.


What are the minimum requirements for running Husprey?

For basic deployments, a minimum of 2GB of RAM, 5GB of hard drive memory and a reasonable CPU allocation is required.

With a growing usage, additional RAM, CPU and hard drive memory will be needed.

We recommend using Ubuntu 18.04 or higher.

How to update my instance?

When a new version of Husprey is available you can simply run:

husprey update

We will make sure to inform you as soon as a new version hits the registries so you have the latest improvements, features and fixes 🐛

How to run a large scale production environment?

We recommend having a quick chat with us to tailor it depending on your needs.

Again, please reach out to if you need any help throughout the way.

Let's make your company data fluent together.

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