Connect all your data sources to Husprey 🔌

Connecting a new data source to your Husprey account will only take up 5 minutes of your time.

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Sample data source

If you wish to enjoy Husprey but don't want to connect your private database, or don't have a database on hand, we've got you covered. An exclusive sample database is ready for you to use.

How it works 🔍

Once you have created your Husprey account, you'll have two choices: connecting your own data source, or using our sample one. Just click on 'Landing page analytics', and you're all set! You can now create as many notebooks as you want and test out all our features.

Husprey home page - Using demo data base

Supported Data Sources

Husprey supports a large choice of the most used databases.

We are constantly working towards adding new ones. If the database you are using right now isn't available, please contact us at

How it works 🔍

The first thing asked, after you are done creating your Husprey account, is which database you wish to connect. If you choose to connect your own private data source, click on the one you are using in your company.

Choose your data source: PostgreSQL, Redshift, Panoply, BigQuery, ClickHouse, Snowflake

To learn more on each data source integration requirements, please read through the following related articles:

Integrations we are working on:

  • Mixpanel

  • MySQL

  • SQL Server

Connect a second data source

If you wish to connect an additional data source to your Husprey account, it's just as easy!

Reminder: Only admins can connect a new data source!

How it works 🔍

Go to your Data Sources page in ⚙️ Settings.

In the upward corner, click on your workspace, and go to Settings

And select the wanted data source.

Regarding each integration necessities, please make sure to read the related documentation.

Shared vs. Personal credentials - Optional

We built Husprey so anyone in a company can access data.

By default, shared credentials will be used by all analysts in your organization.

Personal credentials allow users to implement permissions at the database level.
If all users already have personal database credentials, you can disable the 'Share credentials' option when adding new data sources.

Connect to PostgreSQL modal: share credentials toggle

This is available on demand, for all our database integrations, except BigQuery.

How it works 🔍

When credentials are not shared, analysts will be asked to provide their personal ones to be able to use a data source and thus browse data model, and run queries.

Modal notifying to connect a database with shared credentials


If you experience any issue while trying to connect to your data source, please contact us directly so we can help you out:

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