No worries it should be quick!

Reminder: Only admins can connect a new data source!

Go to your Data Sources page in the Settings

In the upward corner, click on your workspace, and go to Settings

Select BigQuery in the list of data providers

In Settings, subcategory Data Sources - Select BigQuery

It will open a modal.

BigQuery Connection Modal: Project ID, Service Account, Legacy dialect

Fill in the connection form

Start by adding the Project ID, and pasting the content of a Credentials JSON file of a service account with at least the roles BigQuery Data Viewer and BigQuery Job User. See Appendices below for more details on how to create a service account, or on the roles.


You should now be good to go! As soon as the first data model sync finished, you can run your first query 🥳


If you experience any issue while trying to connect to your data source, please contact us directly so we can help you out:

Appendix: Service accounts

A service account is a special kind of account used by an application, not a person. Applications use service accounts to make authorized API calls.

You'll need to be an owner in your Google Cloud project to create a service account. If you're not, please contact the administrator of your BigQuery database

1. Visit the Credentials page in Google Cloud Console

2. Select your project

In Google Cloud Platform - Click on 'My Project'

3. Click Create credentials, and then Service account

In My Project, subcategory Credentials - Click Create credentials with Service account

4. In the "Create service account" form, set a Service account name (e.g. husprey or your full name), and hit Create

Add Service account name and click on 'Create'

5. Grant this service account with the BigQuery Data Viewer and BigQuery Job User roles, and hit Done

In Service account access - Select roles needed

6. In the list of credentials, click the newly created service account and visit the KEYS tab

Go on Keys tab of new service created

7. Create a new JSON key and download the .json file

Create a new JSON key

8. Open it in a text editor, copy the entire file contents, and paste it into the Service Account field of the BigQuery connection modal in Husprey, and hit Connect!

Appendix: Roles and permissions

As mentioned above, the quickest way to grant appropriate permissions to the service account is to assign it the roles BigQuery Data Viewer and BigQuery Job User.

These predefined roles carries some permissions that can be found in Google Cloud Documentation.

If you do not want to use predefined roles, here is the minimal set of permissions for Husprey to work with your BigQuery project:


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