Husprey defines 3 roles in a workspace: Admin, Editor, User.

  • User - Users can browse and read published notebooks. They cannot create or edit content. They cannot access raw data - only see query results (charts and tables) that are part of published notebooks. Very often, this role particularly fits Business Users. Tip: Users can still leave comments on your notebooks!

  • Editor - Editors can create, edit and delete notebooks. They can run queries, update visualizations and write content. This role is often shared with Business and Data Analysts!

  • Admin - Admins have the same edition rights when it comes to content but they can also manage workspace, invite users, etc...

When inviting a new user, Admins can pick the role for their team member!

Invite teammates - Refer email address and role

To note, when automatic signup is allowed with email domains, the default role is User.

At any time, an Admin can update the role of the user from the settings page of their workspace.

Example of role edition

For any questions, about users, roles and permissions please reach out to so we can help you!

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