You would like to share an interesting insight with your team? You shouldn't restrict yourself, and being able to share your notebooks is a way to do so.

Stakeholders can then comment on and react to any item on the notebooks. Thus creating the feedback loop needed to speed up data-backed decisions.

Our pricing policy is strongly aligned with this goal: we always allow an unlimited amount of viewers in your workspace.

You can easily copy the link of your notebook from the "Share" button at the top of your notebook and then send it in your preferred channel: Slack, Email, etc...

Click on 'Share' to Copy the link of the notebook

"But will it be easy for Business Users to access the notebook ?", you may ask. Absolutely!

To make it even easier, we have implemented "Domain Name verification". Once you've set up the domain name of your company (e.g. ""), all verified emails from this domain will be able to sign up. No invitation needed!

Business Users will then follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on your link

  2. Signup with Google (if it is your email provider)

  3. Ta-da! That's it, they are already reading the notebook! 👀

Please reach out to if you need any help throughout the way.

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