This guide is about our integration of dbt Core artifacts. For the integration with the dbt Cloud API, please refer to the dedicated tutorial.

With our integration with dbt Core, make freshness, columns constraints, descriptions, and dbt models available when writing queries, right into the Documentation panel:

Documentation panel with dbt metadata

To setup this integration, follow the guide! 👇


To sync the elements of your dbt Core project, we analyze its artifacts, which are automatically generated upon invocation of the dbt command. You'll hence need to add to your usual dbt invocation (probably within some cron job, CD flow, or pipeline) a specific command that will upload these artifacts to a dedicated webhook on the Husprey platform (see below).

Setup the integration in Husprey

Go to the dedicated "Integrations > dbt" page in the Settings

Go to the Settings of your organization
Navigate to the

Click on the "Connect" button of the "Connect Husprey with dbt Core" section, and follow the instructions on-screen:

On-screen instructions for the dbt Core integration

The displayed cURL command is meant to be run every time your dbt project is updated, hence probably added to the appropriate cron job, CD flow, or pipeline you've already setup.

Alternatively, for this setup process, you can of course run this command manually, from the root of your dbt project.

You'll first see the integration waiting for a first upload of dbt artifacts:

Waiting for first event of dbt Core integration

When the first artifacts have been received, you'll see last sync information being displayed here, and dbt metadata made available in the notebooks' Documentation panel.

Active dbt Core integration

Reminder: to keep these metadata up-to-date, add the cURL command above to your dbt cron job, CD flow, or pipeline.

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