This document is about our integration with the dbt Cloud API. For the integration of dbt Core artifacts, please refer to the dedicated tutorial.

With our integration to dbt Cloud, make freshness, columns constraints, descriptions, and dbt models available when writing queries, right into the Documentation panel:

Documentation panel with dbt metadata

To setup this integration, follow the guide! 👇

Gather elements from dbt Cloud


To sync the elements of your dbt Cloud project, we use the dbt Cloud Metadata API, which we connect to with a service token that has "Metadata Only" permissions (read more on service tokens in the dbt Cloud API documentation).

Create a service token

To create such a service token, go to the "Service Tokens" section of the "Account Settings":

Then add a "New Token". Give it a meaningful name (e.g. "husprey"), add the "Metadata Only" permissions, and save it:

Create a new service token

When done, and before closing that panel, be sure to copy it, as it won't be displayed again:

Copy the newly created service token

Note: The Metadata API is available to accounts on the Team and Enterprise plans, for any version >= dbt v0.19.0.


You will also need to provide us with the id of the job that generates the dbt documentation of your project (and optionally source freshness information). This can be found in the URL of that specific job:

Read jobId from cbt Cloud URL

You are now ready to setup the integration on Husprey side!

Setup the integration in Husprey

Go to the dedicated "Integrations > dbt" page in the Settings

Go to the Settings of your organization
Navigate to the

Click on the "Connect" button of the "Connect Husprey with dbt Cloud" section, and fill the form with the elements previously gathered from dbt Cloud:

Fille the

Click "Connect", and voilà! a first synchronization with your dbt Cloud project is immediately started:

Synchronizing dbt Cloud integration

When complete, you'll see last sync information being displayed here, and dbt metadata made available in the notebooks' Documentation panel.

Active dbt Cloud integration

Note: to keep these metadata up-to-date, the synchronization of your dbt Cloud project is scheduled regularly.

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