It should take only 5 minutes!

Reminder: Only admins can connect a new data source!

Go to your Data Sources page in the Settings

In the upward corner, click on your workspace, and go to Settings

Select the appropriate data provider

Your connection details will vary, depending on whether your data warehouse is built on Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery.

To determine whether your data warehouse is built on BigQuery or Redshift, see the BI Connections Page on the Panoply platform.

If your data warehouse is built on BigQuery, please follow the instructions for BigQuery data sources.

If it is built on Amazon Redshift, select "Panoply" in the list of data providers.

In Settings, subcategory Data Sources - Select Panoply

It will open a modal.

Panoply connection modal - Refer Name, Host, Port, Database, SSL, Username, Password

Fill the connection form

Start by giving this new data source a relevant display name. It will help you identify this data source in Husprey.

Enter server information host, port, and database, as well as your credentials, username and password.

Note that these credentials will be used for all queries run in Husprey. If you rather want each analyst to use their own personal set of credentials, please contact us so that we can activate the appropriate option on your workspace.

Advanced SSL options

You can set advanced SSL options, which include custom server root certificate, client certificate, and client key.

SSL advanced options: server root certificate, client certificate, client key

Note that this should not be needed with most Redshift setups.

Read more about SSL support in Redshift.


You should now be good to go! As soon as the first data model sync finished, you can run your first query 🥳


If you experience any issue while trying to connect to your data source, please ensure that your firewall accepts incoming requests from the following IP addresses:

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us directly on so we can help you out connecting your data source in Husprey.

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